[mythtv-users] How do I change pause time

Don dlbrett at zoominternet.net
Wed Sep 27 00:44:57 UTC 2006

Wow, thanks for the responses.

 > What's a pause time?
 > The only limitation on pause time in MythTV is hard drive size (to some
 > extent) and the setting:
 > LiveTV recordings Max Age
 > AutoExpire will force expiration of LiveTV recordings when they are this
 > many days old. LiveTV recordings may also be expired early if necessary
 > to free up disk space.
 > (which defaults to 1, BTW)

Good points, I'll have to look at that, it does get paused for very long 

 > Well, due to the change in how LiveTV is handled in the past couple
 > of versions, I have to ask: what version of MythTV are you using?
 > Given how LiveTV works in 0.18, it might be difficult to increase
 > this, however, in 0.19 and later, shouldn't be too hard (though, it
 > shouldn't have a cap either).

That's what I thought!  I have version .18, which allows me to set a 
limit.  I set the limit to 14 gig, which is plenty of time (10 hours or 

However, my daughters system has version .19, which is where the 
complaint is coming from (no big surprise).  Her machine has a 160 gig 
drive, with at least 100 gig available at any time.  I wonder if I have 
a problem with fstab.  As I recall, the /video partition did not get 
created correctly.  I fixed it by editing the file manually, which 
seemed to work, but.....?

 > If you're using 0.18 or earlier, it's the ringbuffer size I believe it's
 > called. In one of the setup menus. The description for the option will
 > be "the maximum size of live tv recordings" or some such. I increased
 > mine to 14 GB in older versions for instance. in 0.19 and up, it's a
 > moot point; you can leave the TV on all day paused and come back and
 > fast forward or reverse through everything that was on... I haven't
 > really tried that though.

Right, I did exactly that on my system (V-.18).  And, yes, my daughter 
leaves it paused for vast periods of time.  Like, overnight and all the 
next day, then complains a week later.  I need more information from 
her.  I'll let everyone know what happens.  Thanks again for all the help,


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