[mythtv-users] Hardware recommendations

Dwight Morgan junk at dwightandannette.us
Tue Sep 26 20:28:57 UTC 2006

I am currently running on an old Dell gx150 933 mhz with 384MB ram with a PVR350.  Suse 10.1, MythTV .20, IVTV drivers (7?) and have gotten Myth up and running without the remote working, and only using the output off of the PVR 350. I will ask questions about the remote in a different email.

Display/Audio: I have a Panasonic AE900U projector I will be connecting with that has HDMI and a Rotel Processor that accepts Svideo and component video and analog/coax/optical for sound.

I would like some recommendations on hardware.  I have several goals in mind:

Single box front/backend myth
2 OTA HDTV tuners
2 or 3 analog tuners  (currently have one PVR350)
mirrored drives
optical audio out to avoid ground loops
HDMI AND Component outputs
Leaning towards Intel chips (I have friends that work there)

What do you think? Ideas?

Looking specifically for motherboard, Video Card and case ideas.

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