[mythtv-users] Pausing, taking a deep breathe... help with remote please...

Trey Thompson trey at verustech.com
Tue Sep 26 19:01:45 UTC 2006

> So right now I've just split my cable feed and am running one leg to
> Cox tuner and the other to my MythBox. I noticed the back of my Cox
> tuner has a port for an IR Blaster, so presumably, as I get a more
> complicated solution, I could run my cable feed into my Cox tuner,
> run that out to my Myth box (allowing me to get more than channels
> and plug the IR Blaster into the Cox box so the Myth box could change
> channels???

The blaster (little red pill looking part) is to put in front of the
remote control receiver for your cable box.  But, I don't think Myth has
support for IR blasters yet.

> The only config file help I could use right now are mplayer mappings
> lircrc. My file has them for xine, but as I understand things, .20
> its own DVD/movie player which is really mplayer on the backend? I
> keys for volume and fast forward, but not for stop, pause, chapter
> (presumably usable since it has menu support).

Can you go into Setup in Myth and edit the key mappings?

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