[mythtv-users] Newbie - General question

Geoffrey Clements geoff at electron.me.uk
Tue Sep 26 18:22:04 UTC 2006


I'm looking for some general guidance, pointers, remarks, observations, etc. 
but first let me tell you about myself so that anyone kind enough to answer 
can frame their replies to suit.

I am technically adept but know next to nothing about television and how it 
works and the signals involved.  I'm an electronic engineer by education and 
a systems engineer be profession.  I have built many PCs and have installed 
many Linux systems all the way from LinuxFromScratch through Gentoo to 
Debian.  My programming can probably be described as "adequate" and I know 
Python, C, SQL and many more.  I don't mind compiling kernels and I am not 
afraid of the command line.  Heck this is beginning to sound like a CV!

I am trying to replace my current television set-up which is:
 - a wide screen CRT television
 - a terrestrial digital decoder set-top box (UK)
 - a hard-drive DVD recorder (region free)

I'd like to build a quiet, low power box controlled by an infra-red controller 
and connected to a wide-screen display (will a standard LCD monitor do for 
this?) Preferably this should operated with ease by my SO!

I want to receive terrestrial digital signals (I'm not bothered about 
analogue).  I'd like to watch live tv and record at the same time and I'd 
like to set up timed recordings.

Is this even possible (it seems to be)?  Any suggestions / pitfalls are 

Geoff                                           Registered Linux user 196308

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