[mythtv-users] Recommended Video Card

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Tue Sep 26 18:01:35 UTC 2006


My apologies if this has been covered a million times.  I was just 
curious what people were recommending for video on newer systems that 
have no AGP Support.  I have lots of NVIDIA 5200's but all AGP.  And 
pretty much anything you buy now is PCI Express.  Or has like an NVIDIA 
6100 on board.  In my past experience the 5200 was one of the better 
cards to use for xxmc support and such.  And something with the newer 
decoders on the newer cards wasn't as good.  But being as they don't 
make a 5200 in PCI Express, I was just curious to know what is the 
recommended hardware now.

Thanks for any input.

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