[mythtv-users] Pausing, taking a deep breathe... help with remote please...

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Tue Sep 26 16:50:28 UTC 2006

Okay, I've decided to take a deep breathe, stop and perhaps start over 
with this issue... and try not to assume I know what I'm doing along the 
way. :)

That said, I have a Hauppauge PVR500 MCE bundle that includes a 
remote/receiver. I read on a thread somewhere that its an IR Blaster and 
called a "bean bag" and in all honesty, I don't know what either of 
these phrases mean. So, in order to back up and start from the 
beginning, I'd like to make sure I'm using this correctly. Obviously 
there's a remote. A remote is a remote, in a general sense. There's also 
a greyish, squarish box that looks like an IR receiver (the front has 
the clearish, red cover). The back of it has three ports... the one in 
the middle is a USB type A port and it includes a USB type A to type B 
cable. Presumably, I plug this into an available USB port on my system 
(port speed shouldn't matter since IR is slower than even USB 1.1, 
correct)? Also on the back of the grey unit I'm calling an IR receiver 
are two headphone style, female ports labeled "1" and "2". Lastly, 
there's a really long cable with what looks like a 1/8'' mono headphone 
connector on one end and something that looks like a black vitamin E 
capsule on the other end. What is this for? What's it called? Do I need 
it? (In light of the last question, please consider that I have a very 
simple setup... I split my cable connection so its still running to my 
Cox cable box. I now have a line off the splitter running to my Myth box 
and am getting channels 0-99 which I'm quite content with for now. Thus, 
while I understand I may need to learn more about IR Blasters and such, 
when answering if I need this longer cable thingy, please consider my 
*current* setup).

Thanks much for any help you can provide. My Myth box is working quite 
well except for the remote. After many hours of googling, trying this 
and that, and other frustrations, I figured it was best to step back and 
take it a step at a time. Hence, I'm first trying to make sure I have 
the h/w wired up right. For those that care, my issue is that the remote 
doesn't seem to be communicating with the Myth box, nor with "irw".

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