[mythtv-users] Squeeky sound problem

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Sep 26 16:27:44 UTC 2006

I'm presently running mythtv SVN 11168 on a Via SP13000, with a PVR500 
and HD3000. Recently the audio on some programs has everyone sounding 
'squeeky'...like that silly Christmas chipmunks song. Everyone has a 
soprano voice... and Tony Soprano sounds really weird as a soprano!

It happens on both tuner cards although it *seems* more severe on the 
HD3000. The video is fine throughout and the audio/video synchronization 
is correct or very close, no noticeable error.

The sound system is alsa. The whole thing was installed to Fedora 5 
about 4-6 weeks ago. The problem is recent. Sound output uses the 
motherboard to output to a stereo amplifier driving a pair of high 
quality stereo speakers. No equalization has been applied.

Anyone have any ideas as to what settings (and where) I might make 

              R. Geoffrey Newbury			

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