[mythtv-users] .20 needing more CPU than .19? (My upgrade story)

Adam Hirsch mythtv at quakerporn.com
Tue Sep 26 10:12:17 EDT 2006

Justin The Cynical (cynical at penguinness.org) wrote:

> So, those of you who are running .20, are you noticing higher load and 
> CPU usage, or am I running into another issue and just don't know it?

I've been running .19, and just yesterday compiled .20 from source and
installed it on my AMD64 system (PVR-250 encoder card, running Ubuntu

The system had 4 consecutive shows to record last night, and while it
successfully recorded them, I noticed that every show past the first one
had noticeably more digital artifacts than similar shows recorded under .19
-- my hypothesis is that commflagging might have caused some contention for
CPU cycles... but then CPU power's never been an issue before, and with the
Hauppauge card, I figured I was safe from this.  (I'm recording SD content
from a DishNetwork satellite box.)

Our DishNetwork feed has been flaky of late, so I suppose I can tell my
wife that the problem was the satellite and not the mythtv setup, but I've
got my doubts.  Any suggestions on debugging?


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