[mythtv-users] Questions about new features

Allan Risk arisk at hamster.foxhollow.ca
Tue Sep 26 13:51:41 UTC 2006

> On 09/24/06 23:31, Robin Smith wrote:
>>So, I upgraded two Myth 0.20 (SVN in fact) and have a couple of
>>questions about some new features (they weren't in the 0.19 I just
>>came from on Gentoo).
>>You now have the ability to mark some recordings as "Watched". Can
>>anyone elaborate on what this is used for. Other than a pair of
>>googley eyes at the bottom of the Watch Recordings screen, does it do
>>anything "special" or is it just informational?
> So it's autoexpired at higher priority.

Nice feature.  I assume only in SVN, as I haven't noticed it in .20.  I'll 
look into it further now though.
I've also considered a nice addition would be a delete after x days.
I find after watching a show I like to keep it around a few days in case I 
want to check back on something.  After a few days I don't care anymore and 
delete it.

>>In the Time Stretch menu entry, the top choice in the menu is now
>>"Toggle" which seems to make playback switch to 1.5X. What is the
>>intention of this?
>>I use timestretch a fair bit (usually 1.1 or 1.15) if I want to watch
>>things like the Daily Show or Daily Planet. I used to hit "Edit" then
>>arrow up, arrow up, arrow right, arrow right, then I'd be in "Adjust"
>>mode where I could pick the amount of speed-up I wanted. It became an
>>auto-pilot thing which I now have to unlearn as I end up selecting
>>Toggle and things go turbo speed. What is the intention of toggle?

I have one of the remote's coloured buttons (hauppauge) setup to toggle time 
Press it, and then use right/left to increase/decrease the stretch.
You might wish to look into that. 

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