[mythtv-users] How do I prevent PVR tuner channel changes?

George Lopez gksgzl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 12:43:08 UTC 2006

I am a linux newbie.  I have no idea what I am doing other than copying and
pasting a bunch of code to different file names or something.

I have a STB (satellite receiver) connected via co-ax cable to my mythTV
system.  It is up and running, almost. I thought I had a work-around to get
myth to tune my PVR-250 to channel 93 by typing the below command in a term

# ivtv-tune -c93 -d /dev/video0

I have to tune the PVR to a channel b/t 73 and 98 (long story) b/c of the
way my satellite receiver is set-up.

1.  How do I make Linux FC-4 (really I am running Mythdora) tune to channel
93 (my channel of choice) permanently so that it survives a re-boot?
     Currently, after booting up, mythfront end starts.  I then alt-tab to
open a term window, "su" to root and type the above command.  I then alt-tab

     back to myth frontend and the system works.

2.  How do I make myth NOT change the PVR channel when a show is programmed
to record?
     Even though the PVR changes to channel 93 (Z) because of the above
command, it is only good for watching live Myth TV.
     As soon as a program is scheduled to record on channel X, I think myth
is changing the tuner to channel X.  I need the tuner to stay on channel Z
    after a reboot, through new recordings, and forever.

3.  I tried to set things up in Step 4 of mythtv set-up, but that did not
help.  It is a mystery to me.

Please help.

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