[mythtv-users] Can't playback using 1080i TV-Out

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Mon Sep 25 22:37:09 UTC 2006

Noah Markon wrote:
> On 9/25/06, Justin The Cynical <cynical at penguinness.org> wrote:
>> Current setup:
>> 4:3 projection set with the ability to accept a 1080i signal
>> MSI fanless AGP GeForce 6200 with component video out, currently using a
>> 480i TV-Out signal
>> system resolution is set at 800x600
>> Myth .19 fixes, rev 0.19.20060121-2
>> Nvidia 8774
>> Using XvMC
>> Screen settings does not have "Use GUI size for TV playback" checked
>> I am able to watch HD programming with the system scaling the HD feed
>> down to fit.
>> However, when I set everything to 1080 (TV-Out to 1080i and X resolution
>> to 1920x1080), the frontend works until I try to play any videos.  The
>> screen goes blank and the frontend hangs, requiring me to reboot the
>> machine to get it back under control.  I tried leaving the screen
>> resolution alone but setting the TV-Out to 1080, same results.
> What kind of CPU do you have? Can it handle HD video?

Pentium 4 2.26

HD on it's own, no, XvMC is needed and used.

As the system is configured now, CPU usage is at about 35-50%, depending 
on the channel watched (for some reason, 12 here in the Portland Oregon 
area takes more CPU to play programs).  Current rev of the .20 fixes 
branch takes about 10+% more CPU, which causes audio underruns, hence 
why I'm not using .20 yet.

So yes, it can handle HD, I'm watching HD programs now, it just scales 
them down to fit.  The bandwidth of the programs are the same, as I 
understand things, and the files are the same resolution, so I figure 
that it shouldn't take that much more system bandwidth since it doesn't 
have to scale the image.

I have run my old myth build box on a LCD at 1680x1050 with a MX400 and 
a Tbird 1 gig CPU, and it did play HD fine, so I really don't think it's 
a system resource issue here, as the video card has more grunt, as does 
the CPU.

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