[mythtv-users] Underscan in playback and recording, driver issue?

David McKenzie krisp at krisp.com
Mon Sep 25 23:39:22 UTC 2006

I'd like to do this but I'm not sure how I can, my LCD display is a tv and
only runs at certain resolutions, native 1366x768. I don't know how I can
force it to overscan in X11.

On 9/25/06, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 09/24/06 22:54, Carl Lewis wrote:
> >David McKenzie wrote:
> >
> >
> >>The problem is that recordings and live TV using the PVR-150 doesn't
> >>fill the screen completely
> >>
> ...
> >>Has anyone seen this before or can offer a resolution? Right now it is
> >>the only thing from letting me switch over to Myth completely.
> >>
> >>
> >David, I've been seeing the same thing in Australia, with ABC in
> >particular. I run a 100" screen (projector :-) with no
> >overscan. The affected channels/programs have about a 2" vertical
> >stripe/black-bar down one or both sides.
> >I've only  noticed it since setting up a border around the screen :-/
> >so I've no idea when it started.
> >Same as you I've looked at the recordings themselves and they contain
> >the vertical space.
> >
> Because the recording device was designed for use with a system that
> /requires/ overscan.  I.e. NTSC and PAL were designed such that display
> devices would overscan the image to cut off black/green/rainbow bars,
> static, jagged edges, and any other "ugly" attributes of the image
> allowing the user to see only pretty and without requiring significantly
> advanced technology (remember also we're talking about technologies that
> are over 50 and almost 40 years old, respectively).
> That means, it's not a driver issues, but an encoding system issue (and
> we're talking the encoding that comes before the PVR does its
> encoding--garbage in/garbage out and all).  So, if you don't want the
> edges, overscan the image to get rid of them--make your display device
> work as the designers of NTSC/PAL intended.
> Mike
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