[mythtv-users] MB hunt continues....help please

Normand Dugas normdugas at yahoo.ca
Mon Sep 25 21:24:42 UTC 2006

--- RH <pvr at bostonmacosx.dyndns.org> wrote:

> Maybe I'm not asking the right questions...
> I'm looking for a 939 motherboard with onboard
> S/PDIF and S-Video.
> 4 PCI slots too would be nice.
> Thanks
> Robert
> -----
> Robert Herbstzuber
> WebSite: http://rjhcc.dyndns.biz
> PHP/MySql-Web Design-Desktop Consulting-Custom PC
> Building
> ------
I would start by seeing what you can find in socket
939 and check the specs to see if they fit your
requirement.  then you can ask to see if anyone has
any experience with motherboard ABC made by XYZ.  Just
a suggestion.  A search of the archives may also be of
use as there have been numerous threads on mobos in
the past.

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