[mythtv-users] surround sound audio streams

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 14:26:28 UTC 2006

On 9/22/06, jack snodgrass <mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've asked this question a few times and have gotten 0 responses...
> I'm going to keep asking until I get an answer.;)
> How can I switch between the different audio streams while wating a
> mythtv hdtv mpg recording? I know that there is a 5.1 surround sound
> stream because I can play the .mpg file through vlc ( Video Lan Client )
> and on the HDTV recorded .mpg files, I have the option of changing
> to the 5.1 stream. surround sound sounds great throught my card and
> speakers. I'd really like toget mythtv / mythfrontend able to use 5.1
> surround sound so I could use that part of the mythtv package.
> My myth package has been compiled with alsa support. I can
> hear 'something' when I play a mpg recorded show, but it's
> not 5.1 surround sound. I assume that my alsa stuff is setup
> correctly...it is for other programs that use alsa....

If the stream your watching has multiple audio tracks then in the on
screen menu you can change it. I believe its titled "Audio Track" or
something like that...

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