[mythtv-users] S-ATA

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Mon Sep 25 15:21:22 UTC 2006

> Your controller would likely need the sata_sil driver
> (/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/sata_sil.c) If this driver isn't loaded, then
> try modprobe'ing it and see if you can then see attached drives with
> fdisk -l. If you still can't see the attached drives, you may be able to
> patch the kernel source and it may work. YMMV

If you are not seeing the device in "lspci -v" ( look carefully as it  
can be hard to see ) then something else is wrong.  Try moving the  
card, re-seating it etc....
Dont worry about drivers until you can actually see the device.  FC5  
will probably not need any drivers and will actually just work.


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