[mythtv-users] DTC-6200 firewire issues

David Evans david at b15sentra.net
Mon Sep 25 12:46:06 UTC 2006

Hi there,

My myth box is running on 0.20 code and I am trying to jump the last
hurdle to get everything working.  That involves getting the firewire
capture from my DTC-6200 box to work.  I think I am 90% there but I am
left with a error on the backend that reads as follows.

FireChan, Error: Unable to get handle for port: 0

The box is currently connected on node 0 according to plugreport.  If I
move the port on the back of the cable box it will come up on node 1 but
eventually it will no longer show up in plugreport.  Plugging it into the
first port it shows up on node 0 with no issues.

When I do a lsmod I am running the following ieee1394 modules are loaded.
I know the eth1394 module is not loaded.  I've read that is not needed
though.  Is that in fact true or is that what is causing my problems?

I've compiled and run the firewire-tester from the contrib dir.  I can get
100% good results testing broadcoast mode 10x after running the -B command
to set it.

I've also compilied 6200ch to test that the firewire can actually do
something in the other direction.  I did have to add a new vendor_id to
the code before it was compilied though because mine was not in there. 
Once compilied I can change channels via 6200ch without any issues.

I've also tested running test-mpeg2.  I get data everytime running that.

I've checked the channels I am trying to tune into and none have 5c
enabled on them.  In fact as best as I can tell it is not enabled on any

When in myth setup I've set up the firewire for node 0 and broadcast. 
I've tried all speeds but I'm always left with this error when I restart

FireChan, Error: Unable to get handle for port: 0

I have no idea what else to try at this point.  Does my DTC-6200 having a
different vendor_id affect things possibly.  Does the myth source code
base the vendor_id's off of the same code in the 6200ch?


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