[mythtv-users] Just dist-upgraded to edgy eft and Myth 0.20...

F Peeters (MythTV) francesco at fampeeters.com
Mon Sep 25 10:45:51 UTC 2006

Everything went just fine, except for a few small gotcha's, the main one
being the lack of mythplugins 0.20 on edgy as yet...

I haven't tried the remote yet, but using Marillat's repo, I could install
most of the plugins, except for MythDVD and MythBrowser (both of which
require a libasound2 greater than what is in edgy).

For now that is good enough for me, until the mythplugins appear in the
ubuntu repo for edgy...

Initially forgot to update ivtv to 0.7, but that was compiling when I left
(using module-assistant), and I'll do a mythtv-setup tonight to redefine
the tuner card.

After that I'll test the rest, but I must say I am very content with how
easy the dist-upgrade went! No major catches, and AFAICT nothing broken

I like the OpenGL stuff (I am not seeing any visible delays yet, using a
NVidia 4400 and their closed source drivers), although Iulius doesn't do
very much with OpenGL (yet), the menu changes are *smooth* with those

Just thought I'd post some positive news among all the problems posted on
the list!  ;-)

F Peeters
  PC-Chips M863G Geode - NVidia 440 - Hauppauge PVR250
  Ubuntu 6.10 - XFCE - MythTV 0.20 - Xine
  Panasonic NV-VHD1 VCR/DVD player case modded to fit it all in...

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