[mythtv-users] mytharchive/mythreplex fails

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Mon Sep 25 04:49:39 UTC 2006

| From: Thomas B?rkel <thomas at boerkel.de>

| Paul Harrison wrote:

| > It looks like you are using Fedora Core. Are you using Axels rpms? Does 
| > he not have debug versions available?
| When compiled with debug info, mythreplex does not crash anymore. Also, 
| running in gdb showed nothing.

I'm getting the same crash (FC5 on 686).

How exactly did you rebuild from the source RPM?  I tried the way that
seemed natural to me but it failed:

  $ rpmbuild -bb rpmbuilds/SPECS/mythtv.spec 
  error: line 57: Dependency tokens must begin with alpha-numeric, '_' or '/': BuildRequires: %{_x_includes}/X11/extensions/vldXvMC.h

It sounds as if this is a heisenbug.  Best to compile just the way
Axel does, but install the resulting -debuginfo .rpm too.  This should
let GDB work better.  Maybe valgrind too.

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