[mythtv-users] 0.20 - flicker/intermittent lines during video playback

jmk jmk at foofus.net
Mon Sep 25 03:25:03 UTC 2006


I recently upgraded to the release-0-20-fixes branch (r11261). I'm now
seeing what I would call random flicker or horizontal lines of varying
length and location appearing during video playback. Oddly, even when
the video is paused the lines will continue to appear and disappear.
I've observed this behavior in both MythTV and MythVideo using the
Internal player. Viewing images in MythGallery and watching the same
videos (IVTV and DVD rips) in mplayer, however, looks 100% fine.

FWIW, along with upgrading Myth to 0.20, I moved to xorg 7.0, a new
nvidia driver (8774) and ivtv 0.7.0. Gotta do what I can to make
debugging even more fun. However, given that this flicker appears only
with Myth's playback and not mplayer, it seems to me to be something
within Myth. Anyone else run into this? Any thoughts on where to begin
tracking down the cause of this issue. Stuff is watchable, but this
definitely going to get annoying.


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