[mythtv-users] Can Myth auto-name MPG recordings with shownames?

stan stanlist at cox.net
Sun Sep 24 21:25:39 UTC 2006

Mythrename?  Where is it?  I just did a complete find on my myth system and
couldn't find it.

Cron and anacron sound good, but can mythrename be run as a myth user job? 

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> > mythrename is pretty sweet... After running it I can browse to the
> > directory from my Windows box and double-click the .nuv files. Is
> > there a reason that myth doesn't do this by default when creating
> > files?
> You can set it up as an hourly cron job if you want it done 
> automatically.
> > As for mythweb, I never noticed that before. Has anybody 
> been able to
> > set it up so you can stream the files from mythweb, without 
> running a
> > full download? For example, I click a recording and I watch it as it
> > downloads? Would that be myth/mythweb thing, or a MIME setting in
> > Apache?
> I think it does (or used to) if you have dsmyth installed on your
> Windows PC. I say "used to" because I think a read recently that it's
> broken in 0.20 but should get fixed in 0.20.1 which is due in a few
> weeks.
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