[mythtv-users] Watching LiveTV with a Matrox G200

digitom digitom at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Sep 25 21:18:38 UTC 2006

Hello folks,

my name is Thomas, and i'm trying MythTV to run since approx. 4 Month  :) 
At the most problems i could help my with google, but not at my problem yet.

I could not find any solution. That's the problem:

My MythTV works almost fine, until i have changed the video card.
The Matrox G200 is better for TV-Out then the Radeon.
(TV-Out over VGA-RGB to Scart with an resolution of 720x576 at 50Hz)

I have the Kernel new compiled with Matrox support, and loaded the "mga"
driver in my xorg.conf

In fact, the only thing that is not working, ist watching TV in
When i switch to LiveTV (dvb-s) or want to watch a record i get only a
The remote works, and sound is also ok.
I can also see the preview-video at the recordings.

Watching records with mplayer also works fine.
I think the problem is at the XVideo-extension, but i'm not sure.

Here are the messages of my frontend:
2006-09-24 16:38:34.742 NVP: Disabling Audio, params(-1,2,44100)
2006-09-24 16:38:34.761 VideoOutputXv: XvMCTex: Init failed
2006-09-24 16:38:34.764 VideoOutputXv: XVideo Adaptor Name: 'Matrox
Backend Scaler'
2006-09-24 16:38:35.526 Video timing method: RTC

All other messages are ok.
I have tried MythTV 0.19 and 0.20.
XvMC is disabled.
Xorg 7.0 -> mga drivers (Radeon 9200 works fine ..)
Kernel 2.6.17-gentoo-r7

What else ?
Please help me  :) 

best regards

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