[mythtv-users] User jobs sporadically running or not running at all

liz esteinke at speakeasy.net
Sun Sep 24 19:23:36 UTC 2006


First off what a great OSS project! It works so well! I have been able to
integrate the MythTV box quite nicely into our home setup. We have however
run into a small issue which im hoping to be able to figure out.

I've noticed that every now and then user jobs stop running. They dont
appear in the upcoming jobs box on the mythweb interface. Even after a
reboot it sometimes doesn't fix it. I was wondering what information I can
provide to help debug the issue. Nothing appears in the mythtv-backend.log
related to the jobs. I have looked and made sure that the boxes are
checked for the recordings I want the jobs to run on.

I ran mythjobqueue -v jobqueue and it looked hung. I deleted a recording
rescheduled a few and it looked it started to check the queue again. Very

Any help on how to debug this or how to fix it would be much appreciated :)


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