[mythtv-users] problem converting files

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Sep 24 10:15:08 UTC 2006

Gary Dawes wrote:
> Whenever I export a recording from my analogue (bt878) card, the 
> converted video is extremely blocky and pixilated, like a very low res 
> video at a high zoom. Doesn't matter if it's mpeg-4 or rtjpeg, or if 
> I'm converting to mpeg-2, or divx the result is the same. Nuvexport 
> and mytharchive produce the same output. I've tried various 
> combinations of settings covering most options with nuvexport.
> I've tried playing the files in a variety of players on linux and 
> windows, and a dvd made using mytharchive, on a standalone dvd player.
> I've never had a problem previously, I have several mpeg-2 files which 
> have been converted in the past. The problem is apparent on 
> recordings  recorded with either myth 0.20 or 0.19
> I'm running the latest release of knoppmyth, along with myth 0.20, the 
> latest ffmpeg from svn (updated yesterday), and the the latest nuvexport.
> Has anybody else had similar problems or any ideas?
> thanks
> gary

ffmpeg changed the meaning of the bitrate parameter -b from meaning 
Kbits/sec to bits/sec which is going to cause a few people some 
headaches I think. If you add the k suffix to the -b parameter then that 
should correct things. eg -b 5000 becomes -b 5000k

I wonder if the k and M suffixes will also work for older versions of 
ffmpeg? Would make the fix a lot easier if it does otherwise it means 
having to detect what version of ffmpeg is available and change the 
parameter accordingly.

Paul H.

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