[mythtv-users] Need MPEG recorder, but compiled without MPEG support! (gentoo 0.20_p11244)

Pshem Kowalczyk pshem.k at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 23:40:51 UTC 2006


You're right, after adding ivtv to my make.conf and recompiling the package
everything started working as expected.
Personally I don't think that mpeg handling should be disabled in myth even
without ivtv, especially when the configure flag is called ivtv and doesn't
seem to have any connection with mpeg.

thx for your help

On 9/23/06, roger <roger at eskimo.com> wrote:
>  Ok all of you having this problem (and using gentoo ;-)
> I'm guessing this is an issue with the USE flags on gentoo.
> We may need to enable ivtv manually -- even though we might not need the
> ivtv package (such as me using pvrusb2)
> I'm seeing, if the ivtv USE flag is not used, the mythtv-0.20 ebuild will
> disable ivtv support.
> Within the mythtv-0.20 source, the configure's option shows
> "--disable-ivtv disable ivtv support (PVR-x50).  I'm guessing at this point,
> if ivtv support is disabled at configure time for mythtv-0.20, this also
> disables MPEG2 support?
> So, solution is, hack the mythtv-0.20 ebuild and delete the line showing
> "use ivtv || myconf="${myconf} --disable-ivtv"" and things should work!
> Oh, and if this is the solution, can somebody please take the time and
> file a bug for mythtv-0.20 on bugs.gentoo.org ??
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