[mythtv-users] Problem viewing Mpeg2 livetv

mlists mlists at dressler.ca
Sat Sep 23 22:30:13 UTC 2006

Hi all..  

Having a problem with watching dvb.  I can watch regular cable TV, which
are .nuv files but if I switch to a DVB channel from my DVB card, I see
the channel lock, but the frontend doesn't show the video -- I get the

2006-09-23 18:22:45.722 NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.
2006-09-23 18:22:47.841 NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.
2006-09-23 18:22:48.818 TV: Attempting to change from WatchingLiveTV to
2006-09-23 18:22:48.819 AFD Error: Could not find codec parameters. file
was "/mythtv/4209_20060923182222.mpg".
2006-09-23 18:22:48.819 Couldn't open decoder
for: /mythtv/4209_20060923182222.mpg
2006-09-23 18:22:48.819 NVP, Error: JumpToProgram failed.
2006-09-23 18:22:48.819 NVP, Error: Unknown error, exiting decoder
Unable to launch application
QObject::disconnect: Unexpected null parameter
2006-09-23 18:22:49.192 TV: Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None

What have I missed?  I have --enable-dvb on the configure line, and I
confirmed from the configure output that dvb was enabled.  What codec
could I be missing?


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