[mythtv-users] [Norton AntiSpam] Re: MythArchive: No sound on DVD - couple of bugs

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Sep 23 22:23:50 UTC 2006

David Scammell wrote:
> Nick, thanks for that, but I think Myth is getting the track selection 
> correct in myhtharchive, at least i've not found one that didn't work 
> correctly today after my two fixes. There are no little voices 
> describing the telly pictures 'Nora quickly poured the tea' or whatever.
> Roy, i've never used the transcoding facility, I used to use projectX 
> to burn to dvd and used avidemux2 to do the editing, this seems to be 
> better. So I wouldn't know where to start but I may have a go. Let me 
> ask you something, you have the same problem with mytharchive? Look at 
> the mythburn.log file from a failed (quiet) disk, do you have a 
> section that looks like this:
> ...
> INFO: Audio ch 0 format: mp2/2ch, 48khz 20bps
> or do you have one like this (from memory):
> ...
> INFO: Audio ch 0 format: ac3/2ch, drc
> INFO: Audio ch 1 format: mp2/2ch 48khz 20bps
> The first one had only mp2 sound track and worked as expected, the 
> second was the faulty AC3 encoded intro video and needed the audio 
> track changing. Try my fix?
> regards
> dave s

There's two separate problems going on here.

One problem is it looks like you can't have video files with mp2 and ac3 
in the same pgc group. I know for sure this affect some DVD players when 
using the MythCenter theme but as far as I know it only affects the main 
menu where there is no menu music. Are you saying its more serious than 
this and also affects the video file as well. What theme?

The other problem is with mythtranscode when used on files with two or 
more audio streams. It _sometimes_ changes the streams ids so that what  
was the second audio stream becomes the first as far as the order of the 
stream ids are concerned. This causes problems because it is often 
assumed that the stream with lowest id is the primary audio stream. I 
think whats happening is that when mythranscode scans the file for 
available streams  the first audio packet found becomes the  first audio 
stream (0xc0) even though it  may not actually be the stream with the 
lowest id in the original file.

Paul H.

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