[mythtv-users] Energe Conservation, was: Happy Anniversary

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 23 18:51:14 UTC 2006

On 09/22/06 17:20, Brian Wood wrote:

>The most power-hungry CPUs consume about 115 watts I believe, but  
>they can be clocked down to slower speeds to reduce that. The trend  
>seems to be for less power-hungry CPUs though, the .65 process chips  
>draw less than the .90 ones for the same performance as an example.
>The nVidia video cards are pretty power hungry, as is RAM. I have a  
>6800 card that gets very hot but even the 5200s get fairly warm.

And the next-generation ATI card (R600) will take up to /250W/!!!  
Granted, it only pulls that kind of power when it's doing heavy-duty 
graphics processing, but still--that's more than 3x the power a PCI 
express slot can provide.  (That's gonna be a "mole" lotta molex 
connectors on that card.)  It's actually double the max power an R580+ 
takes (125W).  Even the dual-GPU X7950 GX2 maxes out at 145W.

So, as winter comes on full force in the northern hemisphere at the 
beginning of next year and the R600 gets released, consider investing 
that money you saved up to buy a new heater on an R600.  After all, how 
many polygons per second can a Trane do?  (Of course, based on previous 
track records, you'll probably have your brand new R600 heater just in 
time for summer--assuming the January/February launch they're currently 

And, it looks like the NVIDIA G80 will probably be in the 175W range. 
Video cards are definitely getting power hungry.


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