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Sat Sep 23 09:50:28 UTC 2006

- The most interesting part is the multi-cast output. From here a normal =
cat5 patch-cable is run to a kreatel-box, or distributed to more than =
one box through standard ethernet switches.
- As far as i can tell the supplies multicast IP-stream runs at 5-9Mbps =
per channel, and HD at 18Mbps.
- Policy maps from the supplier says up to 8 channels per house =
simultanously, all in all the TV-traffic should be limited to 50-60 =
- It seems that said poster (kgtyroll, Dansk Bredb=E5nd) normally uses =
MythTV :-)
- To connect, the box has to use IGMP, to join the multi-cast stream.
- The streams are encoded using unencrypted MPEG2

My planned setup:
  All-pupose linuxbox with two Ethernet-NIC (One for the multicast =
segment, and one for the normal data-segment).
     This box holds the myth-storage and is also Myth backend server.
     General services such as email and web also runs on this box.
  Frontends at various tv's
     I ahve an X-box for this purpose, but other hardware may be used.

So on to my beginner-questions:
  Is it possible to grab the IP-streams with MythTv (NESA Net+Dansk =

  If so, how much ressources does the backend server need to record when =
the streams are MPEG2?

  If its possible to grab the streams, I could just transcode them late =

  As the backend does not need a tuner-card to recive the streams,=20
  but the manual states that the backend needs at least one =
input-device, is
  there any reason to get one (I dont think so/eth1 as input)?

  Any hardware recommandations for the backend?
    I was thinking on something like the "VIA EPIA EK 10000G Dual LAN", =
but since everything
    will run in software, im not sure.=20
    It does say "Integrated Unichrome Pro graphics with MPEG-2 decoder =
acceleration" -=20
    is that of any use when transcoding?

I hope my ramblings are readable



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