[mythtv-users] Multiple Directories for Recordings

Harley Peters harley at hpeters.net
Sat Sep 23 14:58:02 UTC 2006

Lincoln Dale wrote:
>> Why haven't they applied this patch to the trunk yet ?
>> It's been around for months and yet i haven't even heard a boo from a
>> single developer about it.
>> For me anyway it's the best addition to mythtv in a long time.
> it certainly works, but as the Trac ticket #1744 comments show as well as
> some discussion on the dev list, there are perhaps better ways of doing it.
> one of my motivations was in keeping the patch relatively small & with least
> impact (i.e. no database schema changes necessary).  that doesn't make it
> the best way of doing it.
> it'll go in when its ready.  i'm in no hurry - and here's the thing with
> open source - it isn't exactly 'hard' to compile your own myth installation,
> (even taking the 'stable' tree, or taking SRPMs) & applying custom patches
> to it that suite you.
> cheers,
> lincoln.
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Ok i haven't looked at the trac comments in a while so i may have missed
some comments about the patch there.
The only thing asked was why it had never been committed to svn which 
you answered.
I had no idea anyone was even working on a better way to do it and i 
follow the mailing lists pretty closely must of missed something.
I'm sure it's easy for you to apply custom patches but for us less 
"fortunate" it's not. As soon as svn changes much the patch won't apply 
anymore and i have no idea how to fix it :(
Anyway no one was complaining just wondering why it wasn't committed. 
Thanks for informing us.

Harley Peters

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