[mythtv-users] Downgrade from 0.20 to 0.18.1, missing field dvb_dmx_buf_size

Wilhelm Meier wilhelm.meier at fh-kl.de
Sat Sep 23 10:23:38 UTC 2006


since I have problems to get 0.20 with my dvb-s nexus-s running, I wanted to 
downgrade to 0.18.1.

I had the old 0.18.1 packages archived and did a database backup. So I 
installed the old packagesand dropped the database and recreated it with the 

When I now start mythbackend I get in the backend-log:

DB Error (getdevices):
Query was:
skipbtaudio, dvb_on_demand,firewire_port, firewire_node, 
firewire_speed,firewire_model, firewire_connection FROM capturecard WHERE 
cardid = 8 ;
Driver error was [2/1054]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Unknown column 'dvb_dmx_buf_size' in 'field list'

The field dvb_dmx_buf_size is not in the backup!

Help appreciated!

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