[mythtv-users] Update channel icons for your area (was Re: Sky Channel Icons)

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 06:24:20 UTC 2006

On 22/09/06, Stephen Boddy <stephen.boddy at btinternet.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 21 September 2006 22:35, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > Although MythTV's SVN branch doesn't use mythautoicon.  Instead, it has
> > a complete list of all the available logos and icons on lyngsat in a
> > text file.
> >
> > As I see it:
> >
> > mythautoicon's goal is to create a script that can automatically grab
> > icons for users and insert them into the database.  The download and
> > insert into the database portion of mythautoicon overlaps
> > mythfilldatabase's ability to do the same.  However, mythautoicon adds a
> > capability to find the icons.
> >
> > master_iconmap.xml's goal is to create a mapping between every station
> > in existence and the appropriate icon for that station so that
> > mythfilldatabase can download the icons and insert them into the
> > database (without needing another package) using its internal
> > functionality.  The master_iconmap.xml is a replacement for
> > mythautoicon's search functionality.
> I would just like to second what Mike has said here. The problem a lot of non
> US users have is the lack of callsigns. I've not installed 0.20 in anger and
> tried getting this stuff to work, but I'm guessing that it still cannot
> handle the UK as elegantly as the US because of this lack. This means you
> still need to insert some of that info manually. I've read elsewhere (poss.
> in this very thread) that someone has something up and coming that will be
> easier for UK users, but it doesn't mention other countries without
> callsigns.
> I think this is one of those cases where everyone has to find what works for
> them out of the options out there.

Probably referring to Justin Hornsby's suggested app that would enable
users anywhere (initially UK) that do not have access to automated
provider/channel lineup configuration to not only quickly add an
entire channel lineup (or part thereof), but also at the same time
configure XMLTV IDs for the user's localised grabber and also download
channel icons from Lyngsat.

I've got all of the UK-based data for analogue/FreeView/ntl/Sky
channels available on the uk_rt grabber, so now it's just getting the
application finished. I've not yet added callsigns (I guess everyone
prefers their own when they're not provided for you), but that would
enable the work I've done to hook into master_iconmap.xml.


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