[mythtv-users] LVM2 Striping Suggestions...

Andy Speagle sidrew at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 06:02:45 UTC 2006


I'm not terribly concerned with data integrity... I intend to mirror
my system partitions... any shows that I would want to save from the
striped video LV
would be written to DVD already... I merely want speed.  I'm using
some older system hardware and was concerned that things would not be

As far as the PVR-350's are concerned... I think I will cancel the
order and shoot for a PVR-350 and PVR-150... and save a few bucks... I
wasn't aware
that the PVR-150's had an MPEG2 encoder onboard like the 350's...



>Yikes! Having been burned by too many dead hard drives in my life, I
>would never consider this option... you are essentially double your
>chances of complete data loss. Why do you feel you need the extra I/O
>for Myth? I have a PVR350 and a PVR500 that can handle simultaneous
>recording on all three tuners while playing back a fourth previously
>recorded show, and there's no noticeable slowdown.

>I am running this config on LVM with a SATA-based RAID5 array
>underneath attached to an Adaptec RAID controller. I can have a disk
>die and lose nothing. RAID5 is better I/O than one disk on its own,
>but not as good as striped. It costs more to do, but the paranoid
>person inside me is happy.

>Also, why two PVR350s? Do you already own them, or are you planning to
>buy? You'd only need one 350, if you are planning to playback from the
>onboard hardware, and could spend your second 350 budget on PVR150
>(and save money) or a PVR500 (and get three tuner recording).

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