[mythtv-users] global shutdown, wakeup and reboot problem (0.19 svn)

Claudio Brocco realtega at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 23:02:31 UTC 2006


I think (as you told me) that mythwelcome should be what I need.

I'm trying to configure it. What should I do to use the wakeup function
after global shutdown?

Now I've set in mythwelcome:
- the nvram command - sudo acpi_wakeup.sh $time (I set /proc/acpi/alarm
because my motherboard doesn't support nvram)
-the reboot command (sudo /sbin/reboot)
- the shutdown command (sudo /sbin/poweroff)
- the frontend coommand (mythfrontend)

In the mythbackend setup I've set:
- wakeup time format yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm
- wakeuptime command (sudo acpi_wakeup.sh $time)
- server halt command (sudo mythshutdown --shutdown)
- pre shutdown command (sudo mythshutdown --check) 

The user that run mythbackend, mythfrontend and mythwelcom has full
permission with sudo.
I can poweroff trought mythwelcome with success

The problem is that unfortunately the system doesn't wakeup.

Any ideas?
How can I debug mythwelcome to know what command are run?  Which command
set the wakeup time and when?

Thank you


Il giorno ven, 15/09/2006 alle 06.51 +1000, Phill Edwards ha scritto:
> > The prompt never offers to shutdown a machine that's running both a
> > frontend and a backend.
> >
> > Perhaps MythWelcome is what you want?  (I don't know because I don't
> > (yet) use it.)
> I started using mythwelcome this week. Before this I was using a
> mish-mash of scripts that I had written which accomplish the same
> thing but not in such an elegant way so I can really recommend
> mythwelcome. It has an option on a pop-up menu to "Shutdown Now" which
> should achieve what you want.
> Regards,
> Phill
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