[mythtv-users] 0.20 Recording Problem

Amankhan amankhan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 17:45:39 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've been experiencing a problem with my Mythtv installation after the
upgrade to 0.20.  I cannot record any programs.  The upgrade was done via
ATRPMs, and I'm running Fedora Core 5 with the 2.6.17-1.2187.  No problems
with the upgrade, nor any other problems other than I cannot record.

What's happening now is that when I attempt to record a program, one of two
things happens:

1.  The recording begins to record with no apparent problems, but on
playback of the recorded program I get a black screen with no audio.

2.  The recording begins to record with no apparent problems, but playback
of the recorded file shows about 5 seconds or so of the recorded program
then it stutters & "starts over" at the beginning of the file.  This
continues in a sort of loopback, indefinitely.  Audio works just fine, and
picture quality is great.

The frequency at which these two problems occurs is completely random.  The
overall result is that I have yet to successfully record a program since the
0.20 upgrade.

For capture cards, I'm using 2 Hauppauge cards (150 & 250).  Manual capture
works just fine for either card.  (cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg)  Both cards,
as well as the entire Mythtv installation, were working just fine before the
upgrade to 0.20.  I've deleted all capture cards from mythtvsetup multiple
times, as well as relinking the input connections after deleting the cards.
Nothing has seemed to work so far.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what
might be wrong here?  At this point, I'm open to any suggestions or help
that the list might have to offer.
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