[mythtv-users] Problem with FusionHDTV5 Lite and pcHDTV support

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Sep 22 16:28:29 UTC 2006

David McKenzie wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I have been trying to get QAM256 over cable working for about a week 
> now with out any success. I am using a dvico fusionhdtv5 lite card. I 
> have a working channels.conf that I generated using documentation in 
> the wiki, and I can view the channels using mplayer. However, I can 
> not get mythtv to tune any of the channels.
> I have tried using the QAM256 auto scan, and either get no signal or 
> no tables on any channel. I have tried adding the transports to 
> dtv_multiplex and scanning only them, still nothing. I have even tried 
> modifying channel table to use the proper frequencies and serviceids 
> to no avail. I also get this error message using 0.20 or the svn 
> message when ever I try to tune to an hd channel using mythtv-setup 
> (scanning):
> pcHDTV:GetSignal_V4l1(fd 11, input 3, v4l2) error(Invalid argument)
> (the fd and input change sometimes after reboot)
> I have taken a look at the source for the pchdtv scanner and tried 
> setting input to 0 because it had a different test nested inside an if 
> statement but that didn't help any. I know the HDTV works because I 
> can view it in mplayer. I'd love to get it working in myth.
I don't know much about this card, but why are you using the pcHDTV 
option with this card?  Shouldn't it be just a regular DVB device?


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