[mythtv-users] MythWeather - Don't trust the data

Mickey Chandler mickc at whizardries.com
Fri Sep 22 14:23:52 UTC 2006

At 09:05 AM 9/22/2006, Michael Lynch wrote:
 >After looking through the code to find where it pulls weather data
 >from, you will see that the msnbc page
 >(where <yourlocale> is determined from accid.dat) is what appears to
 >be on the fritz.  The mythweather code is doing what it should be
 >doing, parsing out the information it is given.  Could the problem be
 >that msnbc is getting hammered with weather requests and skewing the
 >data intentionally?  Who knows...

If you're in the US and feeling adventurous, have a look at using the 
Mythweather-Revamp branch of SVN.  I've put it in and it's working 
well.  It's pulling data from the National Weather Service.  The only 
thing it was missing was the 600 mile Doppler map and that was pretty 
easy to setup myself.

The only complaints that I have are (1) the current conditions screen 
doesn't work and (2) it doesn't seem to support multiple frontends 
yet.  I only say that because after setting it up on my 2nd frontend 
I had to set it up all over again on my 1st one and then had to set 
it up again on the 2nd .... you get the picture.  And, the lack of 
current conditions is more than made up for me by the 18 hour forecast.

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