[mythtv-users] Myth 0.20 problems on Gentoo

Robin Smith 1canuck2 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 13:25:00 UTC 2006


I foolishly took my rock-solid 0.19 install of MythTV up to 0.20 (I am
on Gentoo) and have experienced much instability since :(

Basically, my backend crashes with a seg fault after a seemingly
random period of time, the log shows nothing useful at the time of the
crash (I have yet to correlate what was happen on the backend with
what caused the crash). Sometimes it happens while you are watching a
show and when the show is over it says Cannot connect to Master
backend. sometimes it just happens when its sitting there unwatched.
Its related to recording I think becuase in each case a show was in
process of being recorded (however, we record a lot on a PVR500 and a
PVR350), but again, no correlation from backend log.

I also experience the following weirdness:
After watching a recording, I delete it. It goes away as if deleted,
then comes back. I have seen this before (pre 0.19) when the file
wasn't actually there (say a bad recording), but in this case the file
is definitely there as I am able to watch it again. If I play the
show, edit it and set some cut points, transcode it, wait until
transcoding is done, then delete, it works!

I am on the latest Gentoo release of 0.20.

Anyone else seen things similar? I'll try to grab a most verbose log
and post it, but the crash usually takes more than an hour to occur.



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