[mythtv-users] How are EIT updates triggered?

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Sep 21 14:07:04 UTC 2006


Neil Bird wrote:
>    The majority of my channels are filled out from mythfilldatabase (a 
> custom cobble that may be missing something it'd otherwise do 
> automatically);  some uncommon ones on my freshly functioning DVB-T [UK] 
> card I've left ticked to use EIT to save hassle.
>    But they're not updating.  Should Myth do this automatically somehow? 
> Should I be scheduling something?  Does it only occur during LiveTV?

No, it occurs after a configurable (mythtv-setup) amount of idle time of 
your dvb card.

You have to enable EIT for that signal source and for each channel.

Also, the networkid and transportid for that multiplex (transponder) 
must be set in the table dtv_multiplex. If Myth has scanned the channels 
for you, then this should be OK. If you have imported channels.conf, 
then you have to do this manually.

Start mythbackend with -v eit for debugging.


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