[mythtv-users] Starting new setup, about the recording scheduler.

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 12:57:38 UTC 2006

On 9/21/06, Bill Kirkpatrick <william.kirkpatrick at verizon.net> wrote:
> I'm starting to build a AV system for the house.  I have TV's in various
> bedrooms and the common room.  Now, each of these have resources that
> differ.  In my case we have 2 Dish Network boxes, a UHF/VHF antenna
> system on a rotor and various DVD/VCR players.
> I read the scheduling info and I'm thinking it may need work to do what
> I want/need it to.  Call it a "Advanced resource scheduler", I guess. I
> can, perhaps, find time to code this stuff but I need to know if 1) it's
> already done; or 2) if it's already in the works.
> To schedule a recording requires access/lock on one or more resources
> beyond the capture card itself.  I know MythTV will seek out a "free"
> capture card.   But, that card may not have access to everything it
> needs.  For example, only 2 of the, say, 4 cards in the system have
> access to a Dish box.  All 4 have access to off air, but the selected
> card also needs to secure and set the antenna rotor.  We may also end up
> with a couple of HD cards, which would also have to share the off-air
> antenna and rotor system. Of course, the rotor set to any given position
> would be able to receive any select sub-set of the entire viewablelist
> and could be shared to record any program available at that position.
> The IR blaster on each unit would also have to be programmed differently
> for access to each card on the network.  One room has a VCR and the Dish
> box connects through that (and the roommate likes it that way), another
> has a dual input TV and these feeds are distinct.  To set the VCR
> enabled unit the IR blaster in that room would have to code the VCR to
> channel "0", then set the dish box to its channel.  If the VCR enabled
> room was needed to record off-air, it would  have to set the VCR to the
> desired channel in that room, then use the IR blaster on the system in
> the common to set the off-air antenna rotor.
> A friend of mine out west adds a multiple positioning "free" satellite
> system to the whole mess.
> So... Everybody wants to record "stuff".  Some stuff, particularly on
> Dishes, have multiple viewing times.  Can MythTV
> schedule/acquire/set/lock all these various resource sets needed, or be
> made to, to view/record possibly conflicted show times, in some sort of
> "best fit" way?

short answer, "Yes".

Long answer. Since you have multiple sources, your two Dish boxes and
antenna, you may want to get, say, 2 PVR-500's. This will let you
connect both Dish boxes and the antenna to two tuners, allowing you to
record 4 things in all, all at the same time.

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