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I don't know if this works with .sub files, but it works for me with
.srt files! Basically, what I do is put foo.avi and foo.srt in the same
map, start the play in mythvideo Internal player, and press the "t" key
on my keyboard, then the player displays the srt subtitle. You can also
enable a setting in the TV configuration (always enable subtitle or
something like that, my mythbox is at home so can't give you exact place
of this setting). If you can't find it, please let me know, and I'll
look it up when I get at home!


>  Alright, I read the thread and to my knowledge, it sounds like you
just make the subtitle file the same filename as the video file.  Let's
say I have...
>     When I play foo, no subtitles.  :-(  I'm also using the internal
video player and not mplayer or xine.  Is there something that I'm doing

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