[mythtv-users] connection timeout (frontend won't talk to backend on same system)

Chris McCuller cpmccull at valdosta.edu
Wed Sep 20 21:23:48 UTC 2006

here's the relevant debug output (mythfrontend -v socket) from the 
frontend as I try to Watch Live TV and get the error message that it 
can't connect to the backend (running on the same box).

2006-09-20 17:17:51.287 NetworkControl: Listening for remote connections 
on port 6546
2006-09-20 17:17:57.249 New DB connection, total: 2
2006-09-20 17:17:57.256 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: 
2006-09-20 17:17:57.271 MythSocket(c2a120:20): new socket
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 Connecting to backend server: 
(try 1 of 5)
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 MythSocket(c423e0:21): new socket
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 MythSocket(c423e0:21): attempting connect() to 
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 MythSocket(c423e0:21): connect() failed 
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 MythSocket(c423e0:21): DownRef: -1
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 MythSocket(c423e0:-1): delete socket
2006-09-20 17:17:57.278 Connection timed out.
			You probably should modify the Master Server
			settings in the setup program and set the
			proper IP address.
2006-09-20 17:17:57.706 MythSocket(c2a120:20): UpRef: 1
2006-09-20 17:17:57.707 MythSocket: readyread thread start
2006-09-20 17:17:57.713 TV: Attempting to change from None to None

this help with trying to ascertain what's going on?

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Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Chris McCuller wrote:
>> when I said both NICs would let me browse the net, I meant either eth0 
>> or eth1 active with the correct IP settings (assigning IP info statically).
> What IP did you use in the mythtv-setup for the master backend and then 
> what IP did you use on the frontend setup as the backend to connect to?  
> They need to match.
> Kevin
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