[mythtv-users] Layout problem in myth-setup

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Wed Sep 20 19:43:04 UTC 2006

Because I am running myth-backend on a headless server, I have to ssh into the 
machine.  In order to run myth-setup, I am therefore running over an 
encrypted channel for X.

If I run myth-setup at full screen it takes a LONG TIME for the first screen 
to come up, so I have taken to running it with -geometry 640x480.

The problem is, is that many of the screens don't position the buttons at the 
bottom of the screen properly.  The worst of these is in the channel editor, 
when you try and edit the details of an individual channel.  Only the very 
tops of the "Cancel", "Back" and "Finish" buttons are visible.  In fact I was 
looking for a way to delete a single channel (See next post from me about a 
problem with channel deletion) and had to run myth-setup full screen to find 
out what those buttons were.

I am not sure if there is a more formal way to raise a bug than on here, I can 
find nothing on the web site about where to report them.
Alan Chandler

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