[mythtv-users] OT: USB to Serial cable and LIRC

Jonathan Smith jonathanlsmith at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 17:18:09 UTC 2006

I do user LIRC for my mythtv navigation, my problem is I want to move
my FE/BE out of my liviing room and into my basement, but want to
still run a connection to the TV in the living room from the basement.
 I have all connections covered: video/audio/cable, but my IR receiver
is the problem.  I too use the hauppauge remote for native Myth
navigation and works well, but I need to extend the connection to my
IR receiver about 30 feet, so that is why I was looking into using a
LIRC compatible device.  If I had a serial connection on my PC, this
wouldnt be an issue as most products for LIRC are serial based.

Perhaps I should try a RF solution instead as LIRC seems to support that.

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