[mythtv-users] Upgraded MythTV 0.20 frontend goes directly to MythGallery

Aaron Newcomb anewcomb2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 20:56:10 UTC 2006


That fixed it. Removing the CD allowed me to exit back out to the main
menu without having to do anything else. Why would this happen and how
do I prevent it from happening again? This is new behavior for 0.20 at
least based on my experience. I really like the automount feature in
FC5 since it allows my kids to put in their CDs and DVDs without me
having to intervene every time.

On 9/19/06, Jimmy Hedman <jimmy.hedman at southpole.se> wrote:
> > Hi everyone. Thanks for contributing to this great piece of software.
> >
> > I just upgraded from 0.19 to 0.20 on FC5 i386. I left mythbackend
> > running while I used yum to upgrade to the latest packages (whoops).
> > Now when I start mythfrontend it goes directly to MythGallery and it
> > won't exit back to the main menu. I have to kill the process if I want
> > to shut it down. Here is the output I get when I start mythfrontend
> > from the command line.
> It's the automount (or what it's called) that starts MythGallery. Do you
> have any CD in the drive? Or any memory-card in a cardreader?
> Try ejecting the CD and/or turn of the automounter.
> // Jimmy

Aaron Newcomb

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