[mythtv-users] Multiple instances of mythfrontend allowed?

Jeff Coffler jeff-list-mythusers at taltos.com
Tue Sep 19 17:41:10 UTC 2006


My frontend hardware (an Asus M2NPV-VX Motherboard with an onboard 
nvidia 6150 graphics card) has an interesting feature: It allows you to 
run multiple X sessions, and output different sessions on different 
ports (one session on the VGA connector, another session on the S-Video 

I currently output a signal locally to where the frontend is (on a 50" 
plasma), and modulated on a channel for a few small TVs located in the 

The machine is plenty powerful for me right now.  So CPU isn't an issue.

Is it possible to run two independent instances of mythfrontend on this 
box (one on the first X session, one on the second X session)?  
Preferably, I'd like to do so by passing a parameter (or a setting) to 
the mythfrontend to force the "custom identifier" field to something 
different so that each frontend can have independent settings.  I use 
the network interface (the network control port) to control 
mythfrontend, so as long as I can set the network control port to 
something unique (should be trivial with a custom identifier), I could 
control both frontends independently without LIRC issues or anything 
like that.

So ... possible to run two instances of mythfrontend on one box?  What 
are the issues involved with this, if any?


    -- Jeff

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