[mythtv-users] How do I debug a complete system lockup? (0.20, frontend only)

Matthias Thyroff lists at Thyroff.net
Tue Sep 19 05:39:29 UTC 2006

Am Tue, 19 Sep 2006 09:15:12 +1000 (EST)
schrieb "Jon Whitear" <jon at whitear.org>:

> Hello list,
> I'm having a couple of problems with my frontend that cause complete
> lockups:
> (1) Sometimes when I exit LiveTV (to return to the Main Menu) the
> screen goes black and the system locks up.
> (2) Sometimes when I change channel in the EPG, the video preview goes
> blue, and the system locks up.
My frontend system locks up completely when either entering or leaving
the EPG. I am using 0.20 installed from binary on dapper; a PIV with
Nvidia 5200 PCI, 512MB Ram, no HD. Sounds similar to your problem. But
I don't know how to use gdb. 

Maybe Magic Sys Key
could help? You could at least sync logs to disk befor you reboot. 

I would care very much to know if you find a fix!

Good luck


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