[mythtv-users] Multiport Video Capture Cards

Sam Wong sam at hellosam.net
Tue Sep 19 05:01:25 UTC 2006

Michael Weinbergs - Network Administrator wrote:

> But I couldn't work out how to set it into a channel list (ie. channel 
> "6" changes to /dev/video0 composite0 port)..
> I have tried to "emulate" this configuration with my DVB-BT8xx card 
> (as BTTV0).
> if I could do that, then it would be easy enough for me to point to 
> /dev/video1 channel 1,2,3 or 4!

I am a newbie but I hope this help:
setup the 4 channels in channel list describing the 4 camera
but each channel is only avaiable to a particular source.

instead of multituner sistuation that all channels are avaiable to all 

just my $0.02

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