[mythtv-users] One show recorded but two identical entries appear in recorded programs

Russell S mythusr636 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 18 23:26:03 UTC 2006


I don't use the LiveTV feature (I get an unable to initialize video error when I hit ctrl-r; but that's for another day). 

My double listings are happening on scheduled recordings. These are manual record, daily, at 5am, on the same channel each day. They also happened when I scheduled single recordings, but not as consistently.

For instance, I manually scheduled single record (because I don't have my IRblaster working yet, I have to change channels manually for now) consecutive showings of the crocodile hunter and titled them 'croc 1', 'croc 2', etc. These were all doubled up in the listing. When I setup a recording for a different show (labeled 'pride fighting championship 1') with a different title, it only listed once in the recorded listings. These were all setup for channel 3 at different times.

The duplicates are linked together as evidenced by my deleting one of them and having both entries disappear.


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On 09/18/06 04:09, Russell S wrote:

> I'll see the same show title (and time) listed twice in my recorded 
> programs list. When it's recording, both entries indicate that they 
> are both recording (even though I only have one hauppauge 350 card), 
> and if I delete either of them, both go away.
> In the database, there is only one entry of the show, in all the 
> appropriate tables. I know this because I dumped the sql database and 
> searched on the title. It only appears once in each table.
> This is myth 0.20.
> This happens most of the time, but there are a few times when there 
> are no duplicates. Unfortunately, I can't figure out what the 
> difference is between the recordings that are listed twice and the 
> ones that aren't.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Is this happening only on LiveTV shows that you record (by pressing R)?

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