[mythtv-users] Ubuntu Dapper Packages for 0.20

Matthias Thyroff lists at Thyroff.net
Mon Sep 18 21:30:32 UTC 2006

Hello Mario, 

on Ubuntuforums I found your posting about your dapper packages of myth
0.20. Many thanks for the work! I am a bit scared of compiling myself
so I jumped on that comfortable train. 

Unfortunately, I have a severe problem with it: complete system crash
when either entering (in that case I see a few lines of the g.a.n.t.
background image drawn on top of the screen and the rest of the screen
the still tv image) or leaving (black screen in that case) the EPG
from live tv. 

Now I want to ask here on the list, but I probably will
be asked what packages I have installed, how they were compiled and
so on. 

My system is dapper with 2.6.16-26-686 kernel, ubuntu nvidia driver on a
5200 PCI graphics adapter. I wonder if it might be due to a larger
memory footprint of the new system: I have 512MB RAM and no swap as
frontend-only. That was enough with 0.19, but I think I see the memory
closer to full now. 

I use the qt painter; I have seen some discussions about mmx not
enabled, also a posting from you at the forum; I am not sure if in the
packages I have just reinstalled from your repository, this is
fixed already.  

Can you give me a hand with that problem?

Thanks again for the packages! I'd appreciate any hint to solve the



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