[mythtv-users] FX5200 TVOut Tweaking

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Tue Sep 19 00:21:34 UTC 2006

> For the black bar issue, you could try messing around with nvidia-settings
> (run it from the command line) - look for the overscan setting, and adjust
> accordingly.  Once you get it adjusted, you can add "nvidia-settings -l"
> into your session startup to restore the settings.

Thanks. If I run this tool and change the overscan it adjusts the
screen, but it doesn't get written correctly to the .nvidia-settings-rc
file. Don't know why. Even renamed it and let it create a new one. 

When I restart the machine and run 'nvidia-settings -l' nothing changes.
If I go back into nvidia-settings it's set back to the default. It's
definitely creating the file though.

Do you know what the overscan line should look like? Maybe I could set
it manually. 


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